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  • Vortex grit chamber

    Vortex grit chamber

    Product overview: The equipment is generally used in the front of the primary settling tank and behind the bar screen of the municipal sewage treatment plant to separate the large inorganic particles in the sewage (the diameter is generally greater than 0.5mm).

    Product features: Most of them use air to lift sand. If sand pump is used to lift sand, the wear requirements are generally high. The steel tank body is suitable for small and medium-sized flow, which is applied to a single swirl grit chamber. When the gas lift sand is used, its combined structure function is similar to that of the dole grit chamber, but under the same treatment, the combined structure has small floor area and high efficiency.

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  • Sand water separator

    Sand water separator

    Product overview: It is mainly used for further separation of sand water mixture discharged from vortex grit chamber and other equipment, and is suitable for domestic sewage treatment project.

    Product features: Screw conveying, no underwater bearing, convenient maintenance, convenient maintenancehanism, convenient installation; U-groove lined with flexible wear-resistant lining plate, convenient replacement.

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  • SBR Decanter

    SBR Decanter

    Product overview: The water decanter is a necessary mechanical device for sequencing batch reactor (SBR) to treat sewage

    Product features: The water decanter can discharge the treated water regularly and quantitatively, so that the SBR tank can achieve the ultimate goal of continuous sewage treatment.

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  • Screw Compactor

    Screw Compactor

    Product overview: Screw compactor is a supporting equipment of bar screen, which is composed of feed hopper, press screw, screw pipe, slag discharge pipe and driving device.

    Product features: The screens or filtered residue from the bar screen is fed into the screw tube from the feed hopper, and is squeezed and dehydrated under the action of the pressing screw. The water permeable filter screen squeezed out from the material is collected into the water basin and discharged by the drainage pipe. After the material is compressed, it is discharged by the slag discharge pipe, so that the weight and volume of debris such as grid slag can be greatly reduced.

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