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  • DAF


    Product overview: As a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment commonly used in sewage treatment industry, the horizontal flow dissolved air floatation machine can effectively remove the suspended solids, grease and rubber in sewage, and it is the main equipment for sewage preliminary treatment.

    Product features: It can effectively remove the light flocs which are difficult to precipitate in wastewater. Large processing capacity, high efficiency, less land occupation and wide range of use. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, papermaking, oil refining, leather, steel, mechanical processing, starch, food and other sewage treatment.

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  • Truss Type Sludge Classifier

    Truss Type Sludge Classifier

    Product overview: Truss Type Sludge Classifier adopts the reciprocating action to scrape the bottom mud to one end of the sump for discharging, which is used for scraping and collecting the sludge at the bottom of the horizontal flow sedimentation tank. One end enters the water and the other end exits the water. The bottom of the tank has a certain slope (about 8 / 1000)

    Product features: The track gauge is generally about 4-25m. When the pool width is large, it can be made into a multi pool structure. The track gauge of 8m is generally single drive. When the upper part is equipped with a surface oil scraper or a foam scraper, it is very similar to the structure and function of the hyz type oil scraper and slag scraper, but the load is different.

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  • Center Drive Sludge Classifier

    Center Drive Sludge Classifier

    Product overview: Generally, it is used to scrape and collect the bottom mud of various circular sedimentation tanks with a diameter of less than 18m (generally, the water volume of a single tank is less than 600t / h), and it is normally the outlet water around the central sludge discharge.

    Product features: The function can be expanded, such as adding torque control indicator and automatic rake lifting structure; the mud scraper adopts rubber composite structure, and the mud is completely scraped.

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  • Peripheral drive sludge classifier

    Peripheral drive sludge classifier

    Product overview: It is mainly used in the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks of large-scale (generally, the water volume is more than 600m3 / h, and the tank diameter is more than 20m) sewage plants.

    Product features: The bottom sludge of the scraping pool (the specific gravity is generally less than 1.2 and it is not easy to harden), generally there is no scum (or foam) scraping system at the upper part, which has the function of scraping and scraping scum. The process is generally the center water inlet, the surrounding water outlet and the center mud discharge.

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  • Center Drive Sludge Scraper

    Center Drive Sludge Scraper

    Product overview: Similar function as Center drive sludge classifier

    Product features: The working performance is better than that of peripheral drive type. Generally, the peripheral water inlet and peripheral water outlet are adopted, and the mud is sucked into the center of the pool by single or double pipes, and then discharged by the mud valve outside the pool.

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  • Peripheral Drive Sludge Classifier

    Peripheral Drive Sludge Classifier

    Product overview: It is generally used in the large-scale (generally more than 500m 3 / h) sewage treatment project of the amplitude flow sedimentation tank, especially for the scraping collection and discharge of sludge at the bottom of the secondary sedimentation tank.

    Product features: The static pressure sludge discharge relies on the valves at each pipe orifice to regulate the flow to the central sludge cylinder for direct discharge. Siphon sludge discharge mainly uses vacuum pump to pump vacuum for secondary siphon lifting sludge discharge.

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