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  • Rotary drum filter

    Rotary drum filter

    Product overview: The drum filter is designed for small and medium-sized cities or industrial sewage treatment plants. It is a kind of equipment which can screen and remove suspended solids in water continuously and effectively. It is mainly used in sewage pretreatment or industrial screening process.

    Product features: In some sewage treatment, 30% to 60% of organic or inorganic suspended solids can be removed from the sewage, which greatly reduces the treatment load of the next process.

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  • Rotary Drum Screen

    Rotary Drum Screen

    Product overview: The screen is widely used in sewage treatment projects such as urban sewage, industrial wastewater, food processing industry, paper industry, etc.

    Product features: It is suitable for high precision treatment, wastewater treatment with small gate gap and shallow channel depth.

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  • Tooth Rake Bar Screen

    Tooth Rake Bar Screen

    Product overview: Tooth rake bar screen is an important front trash trap in wastewater treatment process.

    Product features: Suitable for pumping station, city wastewater, industrial wastewater, can be either coarse or fine bar screen.

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  • Coarse Bar Screen

    Coarse Bar Screen

    Product overview: A kind of pre-stage trash trap in the water intake of large and medium-sized water supply and drainage projects, which is generally used for medium and coarse bar screen

    Product features: It is widely used in municipal sewage, water plant, hydropower station, sluice and other water conservancy facilities to intercept and clear larger floating objects (such as branches, weeds, broken wood, plastic products waste and domestic garbage).

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  • Water intake bar screen

    Water intake bar screen

    Product overview: It is suitable for municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, water pollution and other industries. It is the pollution blocking equipment in water supply and drainage engineering, generally used as fine bar screen.

    Product features: The efficiency is over 98%, the structure is simple, the design is reasonable, the operation is stable, and the noise is small.

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