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Screw Conveyor


Product overview: Installed after the dewatering equipment, transfer the sludge to loading point

Product features:

  • Screw Conveyor
  • prsoduct details
  • technical parameter

8-3Product Introduction

Installed after sludge dewatering equipment, the dewatered sludge is transported to the loading site; the shaftless screw conveyor is generally made into a sealed structure for transportation, which plays the role of collecting and improving the environment for subsequent treatment. It is composed of ∪ groove, feed hopper, cover plate, screw body, lining plate and driving mechanism.


Fully automatic electrical protection can realize the joint control with sludge dewatering system;

Compact structure, convenient installation, fixed with expansion bolts;

Groove lined with wear-resistant material, low noise, improve the environment;

Length, angle and feeding hopper can be customized according to requirements;

The screw shaft is made of stainless steel or manganese steel with high strength and corrosion resistance.

Rpm22 (Straight)         > 20 (Incline)
Capacity  ( m3/h)369.512
Screw Diameter( mm )220260320380
Conveyor length ( m )5
Power( kw )
Angle≤20°(Special 20° < a ≤30° )