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  • Polymer Dosing Equipment

    Polymer Dosing Equipment

    Product overview: The function of the dosing device is to dissolve the powder polymer into a solution

    Product features: Automatci dosing or manual dosing are optional

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  • Screw Conveyor

    Screw Conveyor

    Product overview: Installed after the dewatering equipment, transfer the sludge to loading point

    Product features:

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  • Sludge hopper

    Sludge hopper

    Product overview: Sludge hopper is mainly used in sludge dewatering room to collect dehydrated sludge cake and store it in sludge hopper. When the sludge reaches a certain volume, the valve at the bottom of the sludge hopper is opened by control, and the sludge cake is unloaded to the truck for transportation.

    Product features: There are two doors at the bottom of sludge hopper, which are used to collect and discharge sludge by controlling the two doors, and the fan-shaped door is controlled by air cylinder or electric push rod.

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