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Belt Thickening Sludge Dewatering Machine


Product overview: It is mainly used for the treatment of sludge without concentration in the thickener (such as the AO process excess sludge), which depends on the rotary drum thickening, that is, it has both functions of thickening and dewatering, and the treatment capacity is higher than single dewatering.

Product features: Combined with foreign design experience, the integrated design of the fuselage makes the whole machine run smoothly without abnormal noise; The surface is coated with top coat, which is beautiful and chemical resistant. The structure is firm and durable; Fully automatic remote and on-site control, effectively reduce manpower, compact model and save civil engineering; It adopts high quality filter cloth and PEX polyester monofilament weaving. High quality brands are used for electric and motor;

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Continuous operation, large processing capacity, low power consumption and low noise. Excellent operation environment.

Main drive and its speed regulation mode: variable frequency speed regulation.

Reasonable air circuit design and high-quality pneumatic components ensure the stable operation of the equipment, improve the service life of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost.

Adjustable sludge plow is set in the gravity dehydration area. The gravity dehydration takes a long time, destroys the surface tension of sludge and improves the effect of gravity dehydration.

According to the requirements of users, it can provide sludge test, filter belt selection, system debugging and other services.

 Technical Advantages

1. The belt is pneumatically tensioned, easy to operate and low in investment.

2. The filter belt adopts pneumatic automatic deviation correction. Through the induction switch, the filter belt can be corrected in real time, so that the equipment performance is stable and the work is reliable.

3. The equipment is equipped with a pipeline filter, which can effectively use the effluent of the secondary sedimentation tank as the cleaning water, save the tap water and reduce the operation cost.

Parts Feature

1.Filter cloth——Polyester material and satin weave are adopted. Long service life, easy to clean, not easy to block, good treatment effect, according to different sludge properties, choose different permeability filter cloth.

2.Wedge pressure zone technology: the angle of wedge zone is reasonable, and the angle between 6 and 8 degrees can improve sludge treatment capacity.

3.Squeezing and dewatering area: adopt the multi-stage squeezing process of initial pressing area, medium pressure area, shear area and high pressure area, so that the sludge is squeezed by gradually increasing pressure, and ensure that the sludge cake has the characteristics of low water content.

4.Compact structure - conditioning tank, sludge concentration device, electric control box, etc. are installed on the main body of the dehydrator. Under the same treatment capacity, the floor area is small, which is about the civil area of the dewatering machine room and the civil engineering cost.

5.The tension and correction system of filter cloth adopts progressive pneumatic flexible tension and serpentine correction technology to ensure the service life of cylinder.

6. Cleaning system - all nozzles of the cleaning system are made of stainless steel, and the machining accuracy is equivalent to the level 6 accuracy of the national standard.

Process flow


Model MYDNT1.0MYDNT1.5MYDNT2.0Remark
Belt Width100015002000 
Flow    ( m3/h )
     Solids content  ( S.S0.8~1.5% )
6-1210-1815-25Be decided by sludge type
Total dry solids  ( Kgds/h )90-160140-240210-300Be decided by sludge type
Outlet water content( % )75-8575-8575-85Be decided by sludge type 
Power (kw)Drive motor(VFD) 0.370.750.75 
Thickener 0.750.751.1 
Flocculation mixing0.370.550.75 
Filtrate collection tank yesyesno 
Dimension (mm)L405046805150
Base    L1 x W1 ( mm )2100x 13002440x17202715 x 2420 
Base  L2xW2    (mm)640x800740x000950x1100 
Weight (KG)200)28503500