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Mobile Sludge Dewatering System


Product overview: According to different requirements of the wastewater treatment plants, mobile sludge dewatering system can be put aside of the sludge tank, and start the job.

Product features: 1.Suitable for wastewater treatment of serveral small scale plants 2.Closed operation, low smell 3.Low energy consumption, low running cost, low vibration, low noise 4.Less wearing parts, low maintainance cost 5.Auto control, continuou running, easy maintainance 6.SUitable for transfer works

  • Mobile Sludge Dewatering System
  • Mobile Sludge Dewatering System
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1576030086194730.jpgProduct Introduction

       The mobile sludge dewatering system is developed from the point of saving investment cost for customers. It is a mobile vehicle with mounted sludge dewatering system, which is convenient to move and can serve different plants. The system is mainly composed of sludge dewatering machine, automatic dosing machine, dosing pump, sludge pump and transport vehicle (the vehicle can be provided by the user).

Working Principle

      根据不同污水处理厂的需要,至处理厂污泥池边对剩余污泥进行脱水处理。先开启一体化加药装置对药剂进行充分搅拌至熟化;再将污泥抽至叠螺的絮凝混合槽,待污泥和药剂混合反应,矾花进入叠螺主体,经浓缩段的重力浓缩后,至脱水部进行脱水。泥饼外运处理,滤液则返回系统进行再处理。According to the requests, this system can move to treat the sludge on site, Firstly, open the dosing device to mix the polymer completely, then pumping the sludge to mixing tank, after chemical reaction, the sludge will enter the main body. After dewatering, the mud cake can be transferred out, and the filtrate will return to the system, to be processed again.



1.To serve several small-scale treatment plants.

2.Running in closed condition, less odor

3.Low consumption, noise

4.Less wearing parts, less maintenance costs

5.Automatic control, continuous running

6.Convenient and easy to move

Product Advantage


1Wide application

  Widely used for all industries include municipal, food, drink, slaughtering, printing, oil, paper, leather and chemical etc.



      Special dewatering principle, makes this equipment suitable to handle high and low solids content sludge. TSS start from 2000mg/Lfirst dewatering unit that can treat the low solids content sludge.


Innovative structure design, makes the equipment suitable for all kinds sludge type. Especially oily sludge.



No clogging easily

  Special structure of moving and fixed rings, makes the equipment not clogging easily, no need of large washing to prevent clogging. Save washing water and lower the internal burden.


3、Continuous & automatic running


From sludge feed, polymer dose, cake discharge all controlled and connected together by the panel. For the first time, continuous running 24 hours a day is achieved. 


4、Running cost saving

   Low speed screw pressing technology, greatly reduce the electricity consumption, no clogging, greatly reduce the wash water, automatic no-man watching running, greatly reduce the labor cost



5、No 2nd pollution

  Speed of screw shaft is 2~3rpm, no vibration, low noise; The structure can clean itself, no clogging, no 2nd pollution; Slow running mode, the smell will not spread

6Durable and light structure

  Direct mechanical dewatering, no need of rotary drum, so the machine is light; The machine is made completely by stainless steel, only screw shaft and moving rings need to be replaced. Longer lifespan.

7Saving civil investment

  As screw press is integrated with sludge thickening function. It can handle the sludge directly from the settling tank. No need of thickening or storage tank, so as to reduce the civil footprint and conscturction cost.

8Improve phosphorus removal

  Sludge is dewatered under aerobic condition, the phosphorus will not release like traditional sludge thickening tank. So to prove the phosphorus removal function of the whole system.