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Confirming supplier's quality is essential

Published: 2019-11-17 Number of hits: 882 times

Sludge is the inevitable product of sewage treatment plant and sewage station. After entering the environment, the sludge without good treatment will directly bring secondary pollution to the water and air, and also pose a serious threat to the ecological environment and human activities. Therefore, sludge treatment is very careful. Sludge treatment can be divided into sludge dewatering process and sludge drying process.

As the sludge is still in liquid flow state after being concentrated or digested, its volume is too large to be transported and disposed. In order to further reduce the water content and make the water content of sludge as low as possible, the sludge is dehydrated to reduce the volume of sludge and facilitate transportation. Sludge dehydrator is a kind of continuous sludge treatment equipment. It is popular because of its low water content, stable operation, low energy consumption, relatively simple control and management, and convenient maintenance.

1. Plate and frame type sludge dehydrator: in the closed state, the sludge pumped by the high-pressure pump is squeezed by the plate and frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth, so as to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

2. Belt type sludge dehydrator: the sludge layer is carried by two tensioned filter belts at the top and bottom, passing through a series of regularly arranged roller cylinders in the shape of S. depending on the tension of the filter belt itself, the pressure and shear force on the sludge layer are formed, and the capillary water in the sludge layer is squeezed out, so as to realize sludge dehydration.

3. Centrifugal sludge dehydrator: it is composed of a transfer and a screw conveyor with a hollow shaft. The sludge is sent into the drum by the hollow shaft. Under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, the production is thrown into the drum cavity. Due to different specific gravity, solid-liquid separation is formed. Driven by the screw conveyor, the sludge is continuously discharged from the cone end of the drum by the outlet; the liquid in the liquid ring layer is continuously "overflowed" from the weir mouth to the outside of the drum by gravity.

4. Laminated sludge dehydrator: it is composed of fixed rings and floating rings which are overlapped with each other, and the spiral axis runs through the main filter body. Through gravity concentration and the internal pressure of sludge formed by back pressure plate in the process of propulsion, the full dehydration is realized. The filtrate is discharged from the filter joint formed by the fixed ring and the movable ring, and the mud cake is discharged from the end of the dehydration part.

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Warm tip: in order to avoid the purchase risk, it is recommended that you confirm the qualification of the supplier and the quality of the product before purchasing the product.