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  1. 17 2019-11

    Fruitful Achievement in Shanghai station of China Environmental Expo 2019

    The 20th China Environmental Expo, jointly sponsored by Munich Expo Group, China Association of Environmental Sciences, chamber of Commerce for environmental services of all China Federation of industry and commerce, and China trade Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., was held ...

  2. 17 2019-11

    Confirming supplier's quality is essential

    Sludge is the inevitable product of sewage treatment plant and sewage station. After entering the environment, the sludge without good treatment will directly bring secondary pollution to the water and air, and also pose a serious threat to the ecological environment and human acti...

  3. 17 2019-11

    What is the Centrifuge

    With the continuous enhancement of national requirements and treatment efforts for environmental protection, the whole treatment requirements of wastewater treatment in the iron and steel industry should also be carried out in accordance with strict standards, and the sludge treatm...

  4. 17 2019-11

    MYEP Attend Largest Water Expo in Western China -- Chengdu

    On July 27, with the support of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Expo and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of ecological environment, the Western China Environmental Expo Chengdu Exhibition, a global flagship environmental protection exhibition sponsored by Munich Expo Group of Germany, the cha...

  5. 16 2019-11

    MYEP Attend Indonesia Water 2019 Exhibition

    Indo water is an international water purification and sewage treatment exhibition in Indonesia, touring in Jakarta and Surabaya respectively. The exhibition has received strong support from the Ministry of public construction, the Ministry of environment, the Ministry of industry, ...

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