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Talent is the first resource of an enterprise and the guarantee for the implementation of all development strategies. You need to be honest, trustworthy, cooperative, win-win quality, with hard-working professional technical skills.

The company will provide you with excellent position development platform, competitive salary and welfare, perfect personal development and training opportunities, so that you can make continuous progress in your future work and realize the maximum value!

Latest recruitment position

  • Position Education Number Salary End time Operation
  • Production / talent reserve Undergraduate 6 6-8 thousand 2020-05-16
  • Job requirements:

    1. Good image, good temperament, married and pregnant women are preferred;

    2. Working experience of sales clerk or related major is preferred;

    3. Proficient in office software;

    4. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, integrity;


    1. Complete the work assigned by the Department Manager;

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