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MAOYUAN Introduction

One stop sludge treatment solution

Supplier of one-stop sewage treatment solution

MYEP is a professional supplier of one-stop sludge treatment solutions. It is specialized in providing efficient screw press sludge dewatering machine, sludge dryer, and other wastewater treatment equipment. Staff of MYEP pay attention to R&D and technological innovation. Maintaining close cooperation with domestic universities and research institutions, the company has constantly increased its own strength. 



Technology innovation, Wide services network

The company has obtained a number of honorary qualifications and numerous projects, it will devote more energy to the market development and after-sales service, with the purpose of getting customer satisfaction

Focus on product quality

MYEP regards product quality and customer service as the life of the enterprise. It has obtained ISO9001 quality system, it has established a complete and perfect process control and management system from raw material procurement, production, inspection and after-sales service to ensure the quality. We have a number of conventional standards and a dozen professional standards to guide product manufacturing and service. To ensures that every equipment can operate stably and reliably.

Specialization and perfection

At the beginning of establishment, we always adhere to product specialization and perfection. We believe that only focusing can we be professional. Through the efforts in recent years, the company has made rapid development in sludge treatment and sewage treatment industry. Products have been widely used in the world's top 500 enterprises 

MYEP considers solving the pollution problems of sewage and sludge as its mission. It is committed to becoming a leading enterprise, and always provides users with perfect services with high-quality products.